Friday, May 10, 2013

LG Optimus G2 Android smartphone leaks: Doubt its Nexus 5

     May 30th approaches and we are getting more information and leaked pictures of what could be LG's newest handset under their own branding. Doubts arise due to some of the photos as to whether this is a Nexus 5 or not and since the Nexus 4 isn't too old yet it very well could be the LG Optimus 2G.

     This image that was leaked from evleaks shows what is close to and edge to edge display on this new LG superphone. As with any edge to edge display there will be, at least for some foreseable future, a slight bezel around the edges to save the fragile corners.

     The LG logo at the bottom suggest that this isn't going to be the new Nexus 5 but that could also be an in house branding routine.

     Sources include @evleaks and slashgear

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