Friday, May 17, 2013

Nexus 5

...or should we say, Samsung Galaxy Nexus 5

Google I/O gave us a few things. Chrome Book, blah, blah, blah. A few other blah, blah, blahs and a Samsung Galaxy S4 running stock Android. This is going to be pretty predictable but lets have a look at what's being dubbed the Nexus 5.

      Well for starters its $649 for a 16gb, no wait, 13.3gb model. I'm not too sure just how many people will be willing to pay that kind of money for a mobile. Most people know someone who at least knows someone who cann put a stock 4.2.2 on just about any device so why not just get the Samsung Galaxy S4 from your carrier as an upgrade and flash the stock firmware. After a proper backup you could then have the choice of Samsung Touch Wiz or Stock Android.

     We were really hoping to see a real Nexus at goolge I/O but we weren't expecting one. Hopes were for a device with the new Snapdragon 800, now that would have been something. Maybe Goolge had realized what we too have realized. You only need so much computing power in a hand held.

Any-who, lets have a look at that Nexus 5 shall we.

     Now, as you can tell this is just a Galaxy S4 with stock Android. Bored? So are we.

It likely wont have the Samsung print at the top just below the headset speaker and the backdoor will most probably have Google written on it. The black navigation bar at the bottom of the screen will probably be done away with and that's the end of that. We know the specs of a Samsung Galaxy S4 and we've used Jelly Bean so basically all that been done here is the equivalent of putting a laser pointer on a pen. Still both the same things just now in one place and at a pocket lightening $649!!

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